The Doxie Portable Document Scanner Review

If I have to pick my favorite portable scanner, the Doxie Scanner will be my choice. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, in pretty light design and portable size. The most important, the scan quality was easily good enough for scanning and reprinting copies of photos.Doxie Go portable document scanner

Doxie is Apparent Corporation’s newest take on the portable scanner. The base plan Doxie Go weights in under 11 ounces and is roughly the same size as  the cardboard core of a roll of paper towels. The base model Doxie Go is powered solely by USB and the highest model Doxie Go WIFI have a build in rechargeable battery. They are both in ultra portable size.

Doxie is great for scanning documents (but still works great with photos).  With one tough of a button,  it will do the left for you to turn loose pages and photos into digital formatas a PDF, JPG, or PNG.The Doxie Go WIFI come with build in wi-fi and iPhone / iPad companion apps. Thus, you don’t even need a computer to create digital copy. If your need more features, the Doxie scan utility also allows you do sophisticated setting like change color, grayscale adjustment features for improving scan quality.

The Doxie support resolution from at 75 to 600 pixels per inch (ppi). Timing tests show shows it just need 16 seconds in landscape mode and 23 seconds in portrait mode with 300 ppi quality. At 600 ppi, the time for portrait mode jumped to 42 seconds. This speed is quite tolerable for a small portable document scanner.

The Doxie’s image quality, on the other hand, is a strong point. Even without manually modify contrast, brightness and saturation, the scan quality was quite good enough. Serious photographers will notice some loss of quality. But most people, mostly for online sharing, should find the result quite acceptable.Doxie Go picture scanner quality

One of the gorgeous feature is that the ability to send scans to cloud, starting with Apparent’s own free Doxie Cloud storage. That means, you can use it anywhere – no computer required. All your documents on Doxie Cloud can stored as long as 6 months. They also provide free service turn your digital copy into postable URLs for sharing. Doxie’s scan utility and the Doxie Web site even make a point of suggesting other cloud apps to use, including, for example, Google Docs. In this case, you don’t even need programs on your Mac or PCs.

There is only one shortcoming I have found. Because of the minimalist shape, it couldn’t have a paper guide. So, it sometimes can not feed pages into scanner perfectly straight. So pages sometimes came out slightly askew. But it’s OK for such an portable scanner.

So, in summary, the Doxie portable scanner have the following pros and cons.


  • Ultra portable photo scanner
  • Very fast
  • USB powered/Rechargeable battery
  • Scans to PC or directly to the cloud


  • Sometimes hard to feed pages in straight

The Doxie is a surprisingly talented scanner for the price. It currently go with 4 plans: Doxie One, Doxie Go Plus, Doxie Go Wi-Fi and the original Doxie go. The price is from $129 to $229. We found to have the best prices on the Doxie Go ScannerClick here to check it out.

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